Table 1

Customers’ Perceptions Regarding Different Categories

CategoryMean scores for:
Apparel and shoes4.685.353.28
Beverages: soft drinks3.904.822.55
Beverages: beer4.375.362.29
Beverages: spirits3.995.093.00
Clothing stores4.655.643.34
Computer accessories4.995.494.42
Consumer banks4.924.504.21
Consumer electronics: audio/visual5.015.404.11
Consumer packaged goods: coffee and tea4.364.852.76
Consumer packaged goods: dairies4.614.602.42
Consumer packaged goods: juices and mixes3.764.742.89
Consumer packaged goods: ready meals3.795.402.70
Consumer packaged goods: snacks and sweets4.585.642.60
Consumer packaged goods: water4.154.252.92
Consumer packaged goods: other food products4.375.302.58
Credit cards5.055.114.41
Department stores4.785.043.40
Dining: casual dining4.484.872.91
Dining: fast casual dining4.305.222.82
Dining: fast food4.035.102.72
Dining: steakhouses and top casual dining4.554.493.51
Discount stores4.805.223.08
Drugs: over-the-counter4.724.983.70
Drugs: prescription4.865.273.34
Electronic devices: accessories4.915.134.21
Financial services4.784.874.09
Internet service provider and cellular services5.245.064.38
Investment management4.814.264.02
Medical devices4.735.013.67
Payment systems4.564.703.51
PCs and laptops5.155.504.55
Restaurants: pizza stores4.295.023.23
Shops/restaurants: coffee and donut4.254.822.86
Shops/restaurants: ice cream-smoothie4.345.213.15
Smart home devices and systems4.565.354.14
Software and apps4.865.383.63
Tablets and phones5.165.674.29
Tools and hardware4.485.003.87
Travel: airlines4.413.843.98
Travel: amusement, theme, and water parks4.404.514.22
Travel: cruises4.594.394.87
Travel: ground transportation4.174.323.81
Travel: hotels4.674.583.78
Travel: other tourist attractions4.414.624.23
Travel: online travel agencies4.404.584.14
  • Note: NPL = new product launch frequency.

  • ↵a Higher values indicate lower purchase frequency (or more interpurchase time).