Decision-Making Techniques and Confidence

HeuristicAgreement (scored 1–7)
Take the best: The creative work we thought would be best for the client or sponsor5.751.34
Tallying: The creative work with the highest number of favorable points about it4.701.87
Instinct: We followed our instincts.4.571.82
Satisficing: The first creative work that exceeded our objectives; we then ignored the rest.4.022.03
Majority: The creative work most people wanted3.931.84
Algorithmic: The creative work that proved best on the basis of analysis of the data3.871.97
Defer: The creative work the client wanted3.911.76
Experience: The creative work that the most experienced person in our team wanted3.361.85
Hierarchy: We chose the creative work that senior managers wanted.2.951.77
Recognition: The creative work we most recognized2.861.70
Default: The creative work most similar to what we normally choose to do2.841.53
Equality: We didn't make a choice; we allocated resources equally to all competing creative works.2.881.81
Fluency: The creative work we recognized quickest2.511.57
  • Note: N = 69.