Heuristic Types Presented in the Survey

Typology LabelDescription of Decision Tools
AlgorithmicThe creative work that proved best on the basis of analyzing the data
DefaultThe creative work most similar to what we normally choose to do
DeferThe creative work that we thought the client wanted
EqualityWe didn't make one choice; we integrated creative works equally from all competing campaigns
ExperienceThe creative work that the most experienced person in our team wanted
FluencyThe creative work we recognized quickest
HierarchyThe creative work that senior agency managers wanted
InstinctWe followed our instincts
MajorityThe creative work most people wanted
RecognitionThe creative work we most easily recognized
SatisficingThe first creative work that exceeded our objectives
Take the bestThe creative work we thought would be best for the client
TallyingThe creative work with the highest number of favorable aspects to it