Travel (6)Car-rental agencies, cruise, domestic airlines, hotel chains, online travel agents, theme parks
Telecommunication (2)Wireless carriers, television and Internet service providers
Retailing (6)Big-box retailers, department stores, drugstores, e-retailers, supermarkets, warehouse clubs
Consumer packaged goods (7)Yogurt, pet food, paper goods, laundry detergent, fruit juices, cereal, bottled water
Restaurants (3)Quick-service restaurants, fast casual, casual dining
Automotive (2)Cars and trucks, motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles
Consumer electronics (5)Computer hardware, gaming hardware, mobile handsets, tablets and e-readers, video game software
Financial services (5)Casualty and property insurance, credit cards, investment services, life insurance, retailing banking
Health care (3)Over-the-counter pharmacy, health insurance, prescription drugs
Beverages (4)Hard cider, spirits, beer, carbonated soda
Beauty and personal care (4)Fragrances, feminine hygiene, skin care, cosmetics
Apparel and accessories (3)Apparel retailers, luxury watches and jewelry, jewelry retailers
Durable home goods (1)Household appliances
Entertainment (5)Television shows, cable networks, online games, professional sports leagues, over-the-top streaming services