Media investments (transformed)
Television  0.02795.34
Email  0.00004.00
Digital video  0.00626.93
Flash  0.00212.89
Custom  0.00323.12
Rich media  0.00162.09
Paid search  0.00024.76
Print  0.10661.03
Organic search  8.18362.27
Restaurant factors
Operating hours  0.4554126.38
CeCareus sales-per-footfall index−0.5419−42.68
Price discount  0.045541.88
Depth of discount  0.01179.89
Weekly metric: store cleanliness  0.010312.89
Weekly metric: employee training−0.0008−11.96
Weekly metric: team helpfulness  0.012817.63
CeCareus_coupon_T1 transformed  0.003111.20
CeCareus_coupon_T2 transformed  0.00097.18
CeCareus_coupon_T3 transformed  0.001211.10
CeCareus_Coupon_T4 transformed−0.0001−1.07
Holiday dummies (representative sample)
Holiday dummy Labor Day−0.0317−14.84
Holiday dummy Columbus Day  0.022410.26
Holiday dummy Veterans Day  0.00301.49
Holiday dummy Thanksgiving  0.060824.46
Holiday dummy Christmas−0.0455−19.67
Holiday dummy Christmas (lag)  0.00210.89
Holiday dummy Martin Luther King Jr. Day−0.0542−25.50
Holiday dummy Super Bowl−0.0562−26.97
Holiday dummy Super Bowl (lag)−0.0284−13.46
Holiday dummy Valentine's Day  0.046822.92
Holiday dummy Easter−0.0060−2.38
Holiday dummy Memorial Day  0.01706.56
Holiday dummy Memorial Day (lag)−0.0182−9.23
Holiday dummy July 4th  0.086740.61
Holiday dummy July 4th (lag)−0.0401−17.70
Seasonal factors
Seasonality index  0.7640111.41
Average temperature  0.042925.44
Macroeconomic factors
Unemployment rate−0.0439−12.58
Consumer price index−0.2221−5.27  
Competitor factors
Competitors' location and restaurant size index−0.0001−1.89  
Competitor 1 marketing investments  0.0000−4.71  
Competitor 2 marketing investments−0.0001−12.91
Pseudo R2  0.89
Observations  81,224
Log likelihood−9,459