Potential Experience Categories to Measure Engagement

Experience Categories From Qualitative Research1DefinitionUses & Gratifications Theory Analog2Employee Engagement Research Analog3Customer Engagement Research analog4
TransportationTo escape or become divertedEntertainmentAbsorptionAbsorption
Civic-OrientationTo contribute to society
InteractionTo connect with othersIntegration and Social InteractionInteraction
DiscoveryTo gain insight, knowledge, or skillsInformation
IdentityTo affirm or express one's identityPersonal IdentityDedication VigorDedication Vigor
  • 1 Experience categories that reflect engagement with newspapers, jazz music, and/or television programming

  • 2 (McQuail, 1983)

  • 3 (Salanova et al., 2005)

  • 4 (Patterson et al., 2006)