Question Wording and Parameter estimates from Confirmatory factor analysis Measurement Model (STUDY 2)

ExperienceItemStandardized Loading
Interaction (α = 0.81)I bring up things I've read in this newspaper in conversations with others.0.79
I like to talk about national news and current events from the newspaper.0.78
I like to give advice and tips based on what I read in this newspaper.0.70
I show things in this newspaper to others in my family.0.64
Transportation (α = 0.85)It's a treat for me.0.73
I like to kick back and wind down with it.0.69
When I read this newspaper I lose myself in the pleasure of reading it.0.84
I feel less stressed after reading it.0.75
Reading it is my way of not being bothered by other things.0.64
Reading the newspaper is my reward for doing other things.0.78
Civic orientation (α = 0.74)Reading the newspaper makes me a better citizen.0.80
I think people who don't read this newspaper are at a disadvantage in life.0.73
Our society would be weaker without newspapers like this one.0.54
I count on this newspaper to investigate wrongdoing.0.54
Discovery (α = 0.80)This newspaper has columns that give good advice.0.64
It is a way to learn about new products.0.69
It shows me how other people live their lives.0.71
I learn about things to do or places to go.0.61
You learn how to improve yourself in this newspaper.0.64
Identity (α = 0.85)A big reason I read it is to make myself more interesting to other people.0.73
Reading this newspaper is a little like belonging to a group.0.86
I like for other people to know that I read this newspaper.0.80