Question Wording and Parameter Estimates from Confirmatory Factor Analysis Measurement Model (STUDY 3)

ExperienceItemStandardized Loading
Interaction (α = 0.93)I love to discuss this program with my friends and family.0.94
This program comes up in conversations with many other people.0.93
Watching this program gives me something to talk about.0.91
I felt personally involved with it.0.64
Discovery (α = 0.97)This program gives me good tips and advice.0.96
It shows me how to do things the right way.0.96
I get ideas from watching.0.94
Transportation (α = 0.94)I look forward to watching as a special treat.0.94
This program takes my mind off of other things that are going on.0.90
I can picture myself at the scenes in this program.0.80
I lose myself in the pleasure of watching.0.94